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Touch Control | Unity Game Engine

Touch Control

Unique touch solution and finger gesture tool for Unity Game Engine.

Touch Control  is an unique script written in C# for Unity Game Engine. It's a single script solution for detecting the different touch gestures like single finger swipe directions, single finger tap, single finger double tap, single finger long tap, double fingers swipe directions, double fingers tap, double fingers double tap, double fingers long tap and multi fingers tap for Unity Game Engine. Also through this script user will also be able to control the camera with Pinch and Zoom gesture.

It's amazingly fast and easy to integrate and highly customizable. It works out of the box. Applicable for any touch screen applications or games (Android & iOS).

Main features:

  • Single script solution for detecting touch, Multi-Touch and different gestures
  • Amazingly easy to integrate
  • Super-fast solution for touch & gesture control for Android, iPhone & iPad applications and games
  • Very few customizable attributes
  • Detect Single Finger Tap
  • Detect Single Finger Double Tap
  • Detect Single Finger Long Tap
  • Detect Single Finger Swipe Gestures
  • Detect Double Fingers Tap
  • Detect Double Fingers Double Tap
  • Detect Double Fingers Long Tap
  • Detect Double Fingers Swipe Gestures
  • Detect Multi Fingers Tap
  • Pinch and Zoom gesture (New)

Download the demo android application from GOOGLE PLAY STORE to experience the actual functionality of Touch Control.

You can also download the APK of the demo application directly from the website by clicking HERE.


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